For most travelers, the idea is to become more cultured and to familiarize themselves with the local customs, traditions, and history.  Sometimes it hard to figure out the best places to visit and what the must see spots are, so we’ve wrapped Prague up in a Top 7 to help you make the most of your time and experience.


1. Prague Castle

Make a visit to the largest castle in the world, which has inspired many Disney films and fairytales.  The Prague Castle was founded in 850 AD by the Premyslid Dynasty and was rebuilt during the first half of the 12th century into a real medieval castle, including stone palaces, churches, houses and golden castle roofs.  Surrounding the castle you will see beautiful gardens, the most famous of all is the Royal Garden which includes the singing fountain.  Today, the castle serves as the seat to the President while still conserving the historical and artistic features of the castle.



2. The Powder Tower

You will only be 186 steps away from not only getting an up-close view of the tower itself but you’ll get to experience one of the most beautiful views of the entire city.  Dating back to the 11th century, this tower was originally known as the New Tower and used to store gunpowder. Today, it is an exhibition with photos by Ladislav Sitensky.  Definitely worth checking out!



3. St. Vitus Cathedral

Since you’re visiting the Prague Castle you might as well make a trip to the St. Vitus Cathedral, the largest and most important temple in Prague. Located inside the castle, its construction began in 1344 but was not completed for another six centuries.  This structure is a true representation of the gothic architecture and guaranteed to leave you in awe.



4. The Old Town Square

Founded in the 10th century, this square had many uses ranging from demonstrations, weddings, executions, tournaments, and political meetings. The square is said to be where the true heart of Prague beats and you feel it as soon as you walk towards it.  You’ll find everything here, including various vendors selling meal, treats and everything in between.  You’ll also find cafes, pubs, shops, statues, interesting people watching, fire shows, live music and architecture that you can only imagine until you lay your eyes on it.



5. The Astronomical Clock

This magnificent work was constructed by Mikulas of Kadan and Catholic priest and scientist Jan Sindel in 1410.  It is located inside of old town square and stands as the oldest astronomical clock still operating today. Its main function was to depict the movement of celestial bodies showing the time was merely a secondary element, however today is serves as historic monument in Prague every person needs to visit at least once.  Think about a piece of work like this back in 1410…



6. The Charles Bridge

The bridge is the oldest and most beautiful bridge in all of the city and some say in all of Europe. Crossing the Vltava River and spanning 2,037 feet, you’ll find that the bridge is not just enchanting but also full of entertainment.  During the day, you’ll find everything from musicians, artists, mimes, vendors and beautiful golden statues of various saints and other relics.   The importance of The Charles Bridge is marked during 1648 when it halted the Swedes who were attempting to invade this part of Prague. It is said that during the construction of the bridge, locals brought eggs to mix the yolk with the stone in order to make the bridge stronger.



7. John Lennon Wall

This mural was created after the murder of John Lennon in 1980 and was used as a way to express freedom of speech, peace, and love by the non-violent rebellion of Czech’s youth against the regime, praising freedom that did not exist here during this time. The historic movement continues today by allowing visitors to express themselves on the wall with their own personal additions.


Prague really is one of those places where you truly feel like you’ve managed to go back in time and definitely worth a visit.  There are so many things to do and see in Prague but we hope these will get you off to a good start.

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