About Us

Travr is a exclusive travel company that takes active young adults on fully planned and guided adventure trips all over the world.

Unlike “group travel” our trips are full of active like minded young adults just like you.  Our trips are filled with action packed activities which are all optional and there’s plenty of free time to do your own thing.

Our trips have experienced travelers, solo travelers, friends, couples and first timers but they’re all here for the same reason…  To step out of their comfort zone, live life to the fullest and come back with incredible memories, experiences, friendships that last a lifetime and most importantly a new perspective on life!

Come join the Travr Family, Just Go!   

Our Foundr

Clint Bertucci is a prime example of breaking out of the norm and living life to the fullest.

For years, Clint worked in the corporate world and although always being positive and enjoying life, he was never able to make the time to travel abroad.  There always seemed to be a reason to push it off till “next year”…

Until one day, he decided to change the direction of his life.  He abruptly left the corporate world to complete his college degree and study abroad.  Setting out to discover his true passion in life, no matter what it took.  American Dream Interview

While studying in Florence, Italy and taking weekend trips to various countries, Clint immediately knew that traveling was the passion he was searching for.  

After completing his degree at USF, he left the world he knew and returned to live abroad.   There he spent time traveling to over 30 countries, both solo and with groups. During his travels he worked independently, marketing for various foreign restaurants, nightlife and travel companies — even working as a tour guide.  Living in Florence

All while making countless contacts and resources as well as finding sites, foods and adventures people only read about.   

He has since, returned to the U.S. and is using all of these experiences in addition to his incredible passion for travel, planning and entertaining to create the exciting adventures of travr.   Collect Stamps Not Possessions

“Our Goal is simple, to take people on the greatest experience of their lives or inspire them to travel however they like .” – Clint Bertucci