Getting a new passport to travel or even renewing an old one can sound a bit overwhelming.   It sometimes prohibits even veteran travelers from getting on that trip of a lifetime an extra week, month, year or in some cases a lifetime…. Below you’ll find a detailed process and various options to get your passport within 24 hours or 4-6 weeks, whatever you need.


Government Website:

The cheapest way to get your passport and to be travel ready is directly on the government website

Follow the step by step process on the website and you should be good to go.  Below is the approximate cost.


$110 for a new passport

4-6 Week Delivery (standard)

2-3 Week Delivery (expedite $60)

8 Day Delivery (expedite $60 – *Must Visit Local Office)

$15 Approx Shipping Cost


For the fastest way to get your passport use RUSHMYPASSPORT.COM.   Why do I recommend this company?  Well, I personally had to order a replacement passport that I needed in 3 days to travel but all of the roads, shipping companies and basically everything including electricity was closed in almost all of Florida because of serious hurricanes (yes, plural, hurricanes…).  I have no idea how the hell they had this thing delivered but they did….  And it wasn’t me bothering them, they were calling me on the 2nd and third day to find out if I was ok, and if I was flooded out of my house, in case they needed to have it delivered somewhere else.  Like I said I have no idea how they did it but someone from a private shipping company knocked on my door, while Tampa was literally a ghost town with debris floating in the streets, people kayaking down Bayshore Blvd (our major road, the longest running sidewalk in American…Google it!) And said “here’s your passport”.  WTH, is what I was thinking…. But I was happy and am now their number 1 fan!

Ok, here’s the step by step.

  1. Log onto RUSHMYPASSPORT.COM – or Call 877 503 9839
  2. Select Passport Type (New Passport / Renewal / Etc)
  3. Fill in Date of Travel
  4. Select how quickly you need passport
    •  24 Hours / 1 Biz Day $449
    • Next Day / 2 Biz Days $349
    • Priority 3-5 Biz Days $259
    • Rush Service 6-9 Biz Days $199
    • Standard Service 10-12 Biz Days $129
    • Basic Service 15-18 Biz Days $89
  1. Complete Application
  2. Complete Shipping & Payment Options
  3. Pay RMP Fees with Credit Card
  4. Receive Email with Document List
    • Click Govt Site – Complete government application / Print out
    • Print proof of itinerary (Travr, other or Flight itinerary)
    • Get new picture (CVS / Walgreens / Drug store)
    • Get Money order or Check (not starter) for Government Fees $170
    • Surrender old passport (if renewal)

9. Call Case Manager to Confirm and get next step – 877 503 9839

    • Print letter of authorization
    • Print Fed Ex Shipping label
    • Visit Post Office or Court House to witness and seal documents

10. Ship package via Fed Ex

11. Get new passport in the mail – Go explore the world and have an amazing time!!


$99 10-12 Days (or select faster)

$48.91 Shipping

$170 passport

TOTAL $318.90

Use whichever you feel most comfortable with but either way, get off the couch and get it done!  There’s too much excitement, adventure and food to be eaten not to…?

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