When traveling outside of the United States it’s usually ok to rent a car, motorcycle, vespa or ATV with your United States drivers license.  Having said that, Greece, amongst other countries has recently changed it’s laws and made it illegal for Americans and others, to rent quads, ATV’s, motorcycles and or vespas. 

If you’re already over there, you might be out of luck but if you don’t leave for a few days or weeks, we got you covered.  If you leave in a few days, just run up to your local AAA and ask for an international drivers license.  If you have a week or so, stay on your couch and order that bad boy online.  Just make sure you select B, and that goes for the walk ins as well.  

Ok, here’s your step by step process to getting your international drivers license.

1. Take a picture of yourself or have a friend do it.  White background, good lighting, no glasses or sunglasses…. Think DMV photo.  No goofy smiles or whatever just take it like your last drivers license pic, maybe even where the same shirt for good luck.

2.  Sign your name to a white piece of paper and take a photo of the signature in good lighting.  

3.  Take a photo of your current, VALID, drivers license.  

4.  Sign on to:  https://international-permit.com/en-us/idd/payment/paypal 

5.  Click “Apply” on top row 

6.  Complete information

7.  Upload your photo, signature and drivers license photo (you just took pics of these) as requested at the end of application.  

8.  Pay the fee

9.  Get your new international drivers license in the mail.

10. Go abroad and have an amazing time vespa’ing through the hills of Tuscany or ATV’ing throughout the Greek islands.  Be safe and don’t drink and drive, that’ pretty much why we need int licenses now…  And don’t stand up on your ATV in Greece, you’ll get a ticket or go to jail, no joke…   Lol.  But for real.

This message was brought to you by Travr, now get out there and live it to the fullest!! 

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