What ‘s Travr All About?

  • Well, to start you’re traveling with some of the coolest people out there!!  Not sure whether it’s our marketing, some incredible word of mouth or maybe awesome just attracts awesome but what really sets us apart is the people that come on our trips.  Small groups of 15 to 20 people, all ages 20’s & 30’s, coming solo, couples, in pairs and even small groups of like-minded individuals who are all coming to let go and have the time of their lives, just like you!


  • We also select some of the greatest places in the world for our adventures, then we fill our trips with an action packed itinerary. And there’s never a dull moment. It’s filled with the best activities and sites each destination has to offer. Yes, the itinerary activities are included in your trip but if it’s not your thing and you want to sit something out, no worries. This is your trip and your time.
  • It’s as close to all-inclusive as you can get too. Pretty much everything except your flight is include in your travels. We’re talkin’ hotel, city to city transportation, all breakfasts, a welcome dinner all Itinerary activities and of course our farewell dinner.


  • And last but certainly not least, there’s no need to go through the hours of researching places to stay, things to see, what to do or worrying about transportation. Don’t worry about any of that, we’ve got you covered.

Ok, I see what’s covered in my trip but what’s not included?

  • Let’s see… There’s your flight, your transportation within the city, your nightlife, drinks and whatever else you get into during your free time.


What should I expect with the place I’ll be staying?

  • A high quality, 3 to 5 star hotel.  Mostly 3 and 4 stars but the 3 stars that we’ve used are very nice and our guests are very happy with.  Not that we’ll be spending too much of our time in the hotel though…  


  • Rooming arrangements are either double or triple beds.


  • If you prefer a bit more privacy, single supplement rooms are available upon booking your trip.


How can I find out what the itinerary will consist of for my trip?

  • Full itineraries of your trip can be found under trips tab with a break down of what is included (marked I) and what would be an optional cost added to your adventure (marked OC).


How will I get from city to city? 

  • We provided the city-to-city transportation by either train or private coach.  Relax, it’s all taken care of. 


How will I know what to do or where to go?

  • We begin each trip with a team meeting so everyone can get on the same page, then we take a little intro walk around the city so everyone can get start to get familiarized with the layout of the area.  
  • During the trip we’ll make sure you’re well aware of when the next activity is planned but don’t worry you have a full time tour guide who can answer questions at any time.  If you want some tips on places to go and what to see when you’re out on your own, just ask.  Actually, you probably won’t even have to ask.


Is my flight included in the trip? 

  • Flights are not included in your trip, however we will be more than happy to give you suggestions. There’s also a link on each individual trips pages that you can check flights by clicking.  Please confirm your dates and cities before booking.


Can you help me with my flight?

  • If asked, we normally refer our travelers to Momondo for flights.  They usually have the lowest rates you’ll find.  You’ll also find some incredible flight tips in our Travel Tips.  However, once you reserve your spot with us, you can elect our special flight service and we’ll have someone personally contact you and search for the lowest possible fares.   

What is an early sign up incentive?

  • Early pricing saves you money by booking early then paying for your trip in full before the 60 day till departure date.  Early pricing is always lower and the price continues to increase as the trip sells out.  

I want to lock in my spot, how can I do it? 

  • A $400 deposit is required to reserve your spot and lock in your price.  Just go to the trips page you are jumping on and click the buy now button and it’s on.


  • After the deposit has been made, the remaining balance is due 60 days before departure.  You will receive a welcome email with all sorts of helpful info and your pay as you go link which will allow you to pay off increments of your remaining balance at your discretion.  


Do you offer Pay as you Go?

  • Once you make your deposit you will receive a welcome email including your Pay as you Go link.  By clicking this link you’ll be able to pay down your balance as often as you like.  Remember the full amount is due 60 days before we depart so you might want to set a weekly, bi weekly or monthly reminder to help you remember.  

What if I cancel or I can’t go, what is the Return Policy?

  • We know stuff happens so our return policy is much more simple, fair and straight forward than you’ll find at most places.  Of course we want you to come and we definitely don’t want to stick you, unfortunately we’ve already paid for the hotels so when we get really close to the departure date we’re kinda stuck with the rooms…   
  • Over 91 Days – Full Refund Including Deposit | Or You can Apply a credit to another trip, your choice
  • 9 0 to 61 Days – Deposit Becomes Credit | Remaining Balance is returned or applied as credit, your choice
  • 60 to Departure – Deposit Becomes Credit | Remaining Balance is applied as credit
  • 30 Days to Departure – Full Amount is Non Refundable – Non Transferable
  • *Return Policy applies to Paid in Full or Deposit


What if I don’t have a passport, how do I get one?

  • Well we don’t sell passports but here’s the next best thing. Two great companies that do.




I’m in, what do I do and what comes next? 

  • Pick your trip, select your date and either pay the $400 deposit or choose to pay in full.
  • Receive your welcome email and pay as you go link. Check flights through our site until you find one you like and book it.  
  • Then sit back, relax and get ready for the time of your life.


Still have questions?