We all love going on vacation, especially to Italy.  Unfortunately, many travelers work extra hard to get in shape for their trips and sometimes feel guilty about pigging out on vacation…  

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone gorging on a huge bowl of pasta and between face stuffings, all you hear is:  myum, myum, myum… face stuffing… deep breath… “I.., I can’t believe I’m eating all of this….”  face stuffing… I…, I really shouldn’t be… myum, myum, myum… 

Well, I’m here to give you some incredible tips for dieting while on vacation in Italy.  Unfortunately, they’re probably not gonna be the tips you’re hoping for.  Oh, you’re gonna read some inspiring words alright, but definitely not diet tips like “stay strong and have some will power…”  or ” be sure to limit your pasta and wine intake….”
My tips are a little different and it’s very important you follow #1 and #9 for the best results.


Tip 1.  

Do Not diet while in Italy!  A matter of fact don’t even think about it.

The first tip is very important and actually none of the other tips will work unless you follow tip #1 very thoroughly. 


Tip 2.  

Eat absolutely everything you possibly can, as often as you can.  Then order more.

Really… how often are you going to have the opportunity to try all of these delicious foods again…?


Tip 3.  

Wait, time out. Gelato break..


Tip 4. 

Use great excuses to make yourself feel better.

Like some of the classics:  You’re going to walk it all off…  Or, you’ll make it up when you get home…


Tip 5.  

Make sure you order multiple pizzas, with multiple toppings, multiple times per day.

Seriously, how can you even consider passing this up?


Tip 6. 

Time out!  Need a wine refill….  




Tip 7.

Try as many new foods as you possibly can.

A huge part of the Italy traveling experience is indulging in the culture and finding, ordering and devouring as many of their dishes as possible.  Do you really want to miss out on any single part of that..?

Tip 8. 

By all means, do not even entertain suggestions like these.

  • Limit your wine intake during evenings at aperitivo and dinner….
  • Avoid heavy carbs such as incredibly delicious bowls of pasta with freshly grated parmesan….


Tip 9.

Shut up and start eating like it’s your job, YOU’RE IN ITALY!!


Tip 10.

I don’t think I need to tell any of you this I just thought it was kinda funny but seriously, when you’re over there or anywhere for that matter, try everything you can.  And you really should eat gelato after every meal.  Just pretend you heard that it aids with digestion or something like that.  That’s what I do and I feel great about it every single time….!!!