Top 15 Reasons to Visit Thailand

1. Relax on a Thai Beach  

Thailand has some of the worlds most beautiful beaches so enjoy them however you’d like.   Walk around, lay back, relax, snorkel, take some crazy group pics and maybe even get a five dollar thai massage while laying on the beach.

Maya Bay Thailand


2. Do some ATV Riding

Get your adrenaline pumping and get a little dirty with an ATV ride through the jungles of Thailand.

3. Bathe with Asian Elephants

An experience like this truly allows you to get up close and personal like no other experience on earth.  As many of you know, it’s very harmful to ride the elephants unless bareback, but bathing these gentle giants is an experience you can only dream of. 


4. Visit Maya Bay

You can literally go to the secret island featured in Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie, “The Beach”.  


5. Visit a Floating Market in Thailand

Sit back, relax and enjoy a nice afternoon down the floating markets of Thailand.

Floating Market Thailand

6. Party on Koh San Road

Eat scorpions, converse with lady-boys, and dance your face off in Bangkok’s notoriously wild party district.


7. Watch Live Thai Boxing

Grab a bucket of your favorite drink and get ready to see some excitement as two dudes or maybe even some girls go at it!!  Be careful, they’ll try to get you up there to whip some ass…

Thai Kickboxing


8. Do some Snorkeling while visiting Koh Phi Phi

Turquoise waters, beautiful reefs, and secret lagoons. What more do you need?

9. Tiger Petting

Continue your wild adventure with crazy animals and pet some Tigers, just make sure that the place you go does not use harmful tranquilizers and sedatives.  

Thailand Tiger Petting


10. Go Hiking in Krabi

Take some time to hike to all sorts of different view points and relax and take in the scenery.  Maybe even paint your face with some mud, if you’re with the right group!!

Thailand trip hiking


11. Get lost in Bangkok

Get lost in the modern architecture of the financial district, or get lost in the party area of Koh San Road, either way let loose and explore till your hears desire.  Obviously, be careful and use your head…

12. Try some crazy Asian Foods

 Thai Food

13. Visit Big Buddha Phuket

There are a few places known as Big Buddha but Big Buddha in Phuket is one for the books.  It has an absolutely breathtaking view, monkeys hanging around all over the place and a special place inside where you can sit back, relax, get blessed by a monk and take a few minutes to reflect on all of your Thailand travel experiences.

14. Visit Monkey Beach

Take a private long boat tour to one of the few places where you can pet, feed, play with, and hang out with wild monkeys in Thailand.


15. Enjoy a Beautiful Thailand Sunset

On a boat or on a beach, don’t forget to sit back, relax and enjoy a beautiful Thailand sunset with no worries in the entire world.

Thailand Sunset

The experiences you can and will have in Thailand are simply amazing!  We highly recommend a visit to anyone and everyone!!

Thailand Pics

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