Oktoberfest is an annual celebration in Munich Germany, starting in September (nope, not October).  Many people think it’s just the worlds largest beer festival… which it is…  But there’s SO MUCH more….


1. The Tradition 

To start, it’s over 200 years old.  You know it’s gotta be pretty damn good right there!!  There’s so much history that lies behind the celebration of Oktoberfest.  For example, the festival dates all the back to 1810, when it first began as the celebration of the Royal wedding of Bavarian Crowne Prince Ludwig.  Today, the festivities commence only after the mayor of Munich taps the first keg and the first beer is given to the Minister-President of Bavaria followed of course by a gun salute signaling the beginning of the festival.   Kinda Cool, right!!

travr Tradition


2. The Festival Grounds 

Oktoberfest is held on 5 acres of land and is made up of so much more than just gigantic beer tents.  It is literally a wonderland filled with games, rides, food and music.  You’ll could see marching bands or huge Clydesdales walking through down the paths at any given moment.  You’ll see shows, contests, carousels, roller coasters and all sorts of games and rides you’ve never seen before.  It’s extremely exciting and kind of unbelievable to think of how you’ve never seen a ride like this before in your life…   And of course there’s lots of beer, and every kind of food you could possibly imagine.  Well actually, there’s stuff you’ve probably never imagined before but it is SO DELICIOUS!!  TRY EVERYTHING!!!



3. The Tents

Ok, this is crazy.  There are 14 enormous beer tents and 21 smaller tents beer tents throughout the festival and they are filled with tens of thousands of friendly, fun loving people gathered from all over the world.  Mostly all of them dressed in Lederhosen’s and Dirndl’s.  Now when I say tents, I don’t think you understand… We’re not talking a little firework tent here…   Each tent is an actual wooden building and many of them can hold in excess of 10,000 people.  Actually, they some of them seat over 10,000 people so there’s probably two or three times that many people.   They’re filled with tables to eat and dance on, and huge stages for live bands and they’re decorated with all of these crazy colors and fixtures that tie back to Bavarian History.  And, and, and…  Ok, I think you get it…   You have to see them to believe it…    They are so enormous that they begin assembling them 12 weeks before the start of Oktoberfest.



4. The People

One of the coolest things that I enjoy about Oktoberfest is how unbelievably friendly and welcoming the people are.   I swear, it is one of the friendliest places you’ll visit in your entire life.  You ever see how when a dog meets another dog and he sniffs his butt and they’re so curious and excited to see each other…?  Well it’s kinda like that, minus the whole butt sniffing thing…  Everyone is so happy to see all of these people from all of these different places from all over the world and they want to share their foods and their seats and they want to teach you their songs and just speak English with you and drink and dance to their German music.  It really is incredible.

4. People


5. Music & Dancing

When you enter a beer tent you’ll be smacked in the face with the sounds of a live band playing Oompah music.   Then when you look around, you’ll see huge crowds of people singing along with the German songs, dancing on tables and prosting their steins as they look into each others eyes (tradition to look into the eyes of fellow proster).  Sometimes they’ll even slip an American song in there!!  Worst case, you can just mumble until you catch a part you know and then yell it out loud like you know the words…  Or just wait for the Prost part and drink like a champ!  It doesn’t matter how you do it or who you’re doing it with.   You’re surrounded with thousands of people who do not judge and they’re there for the same thing you are, to have an amazing time drinking and eating.  So meet some new people, eat like a champ and prost like it’s your job!!



6. The Beer 

I’m sure some of you feel like this should be at the top of the list but whatever…  I definitely agree that the Beer is a great reason Oktoberfest is Awesome (please note capital A) and all Oktoberfest beer is brewed locally in Munich and made extra strong for the festival.  Since Munich has dozens of local breweries, beer gardens and beer halls, they tend to know a thing or two about what a nice frothy beverage should taste like.  Besides that, one of the best parts about drinking your beer filled stein is being able to prost in celebration of being at Oktoberfest!  If you feel really crazy, pop up on the top of a table, raise your stein and chug your stein.  Trust me, this is a HUGE bucket list moment you will not regret!!  You’ll have tens of thousands of people cheering you on.  I highly encourage you to try it, it’s quite a rush!!



7. The Food

Ok, seriously, the food is ridiculous!!  Not only can you order all sorts of food from your table inside the tents but vendors are literally lined up all along the sides of Oktoberfest, offering everything you can possibly imagine.  Ok, you want to hear a few…?  Brats are one of my favorites…!  Pork knuckles are a close second…  Then you’ve got Schweinebraten (roast port), Schweinshaxe (roasted ham hock), Steckerlfisch(grilled fish on a stick), Wurstl (sausage), Knodel (potato or flour dumplings), Kusspatzle (cheese noodles), Saurkraut, Obatzda (spiced cheese-butter spread) and of course delicious pretzels that are larger than your mug.  And by mug I mean your head.  Of course you can also hit the sweets, which I highly recommend.  Maybe some fried ice cream, fried cookie dough, fried every damn thing you can imagine.   Think of American fair foods on a cycle of steroids meant for the Hulk…



8. Outfits!!

Not gonna lie, this is probably my favorite…   If you don’t dress up or you think you’re too cool for school, just go home…   Seriously, pick out a great outfit, get into character and own that shit!!  There is nothing better than suiting up in your Dirndle or Lederhosen and letting everyone know you’re there to have one hell of a time!!  It’s a wise investment too.  Think about it, you can wear that bad boy every year for Oktoberfest parties at home…   And worse case you can use it as a backup Halloween costume if all else fails…   Get a good hat, hats are key fellas!!  And ladies, be sure to find a good combination of colors. Tradition says, for women, if you wear a bow on the right side of your dirndl you’re taken and if it’s on the left you’re single, so consider this fair warning ladies.  Get that bow placement right cause those Germans might come a knockin….!!



Oktoberfest is absolutely a bucket list item and I hope these 8 reasons help explain why….    These are definitely my favorites but feel free to let me know if you agree or what…  Either way, get your ass to Oktoberfest, it’s a freaking blast!!