What do you do if you lose your passport

September 24, 2019     |     Travr Team

If you’ve done a bit of traveling you know that the one worry you have during your entire trip is losing your passport… Yes, it’s right up there with losing your phone and your money if not at the very top. We have an incredible tip that will save you a lot of time and worry at what could be the worst time of your life. Besides the tip you’re about to watch, the number one tip is relax…. Seriously, take it from me, I’ve been there and I was definitely worried but relax it’ll be fine and it’s a much less painful process than you might think. Especially if you follow the tip.

1. Step when you lose your passport. Relax! Take a deep breathe and don’t freak out…

2. Find the closest US Embassy using this website.

3. Keep in mind, most of them close at 5pm so haul ass if it’s close… If it’s not, relax and get there the next day. If it’s over the weekend, yeah, you guessed it, they’re closed…. Keep your travel plans and find the Embassy in the next city or relax, enjoy the weekend and go on Monday.

4. Watch the video.