We certainly hope so. People who get the most out of our trips are typically curious, fun loving, interested in meeting new people, open minded, and ready to step outside of their comfort zone and have a great time.

Although it varies the general percentage of our guests are:

30-40% Friends or Couples

65% Solo Guests

75% 26-37 years old

100% Open minded and ready to have an amazing time!!

The size varies, depending on the trip but in general our trips are around 15-20 guests per trip.
Our travelers typically range from an average of 25-35 years old. However, there is no requirement except being over 21 ready, willing and able to have a great time. Some activities are active, so as long as you are physically up for the challenge, you are welcome to join us.
Not at first. One of the best parts of traveling is meeting new people and stepping out of your comfort zone. Your first glimpse of the other guests will occur a few weeks pre departure, when the group chat is opened. Feel free to check out some reviews, videos and pictures to get a general idea of our typical travr guests.
The deposit is $400 and the full amount is due 60 days before departure.
Your balance is due 60 days before departure
Yes. Once you make your deposit your pricing is locked in.
Unfortunately not, although we do offer early bird pricing, so the sooner you book the more you save.
Yes. Once you make your deposit, you’ll receive an email contains a link that you can click to pay down your balance at any time. Full amount is due 60 easy before departure.
Once you book you’ll receive an email, followed by a series of emails up until departure. Your payment link will be located in your emails. Feel free to click the payment link in your email and pay down your balance as often as you like. Your full balance is due 60 days before departure.
– Travr Refund Policy – 90+ days before departure | Full Refund (Deposit & Balance) – 89-60 days before departure | Deposit Becomes Credit / Any Balance or Paid in Full is Refundable – 59-0 days before departure | No Refund / No Transfer
We allow one time transfers, as long as they are made 45 days or more before trip departure. All transfers must be made in writing via email [email protected].
All of our trips include hotel and accommodations (incidentals are separate), city to city transfers, welcome & farewell dinner, all breakfasts (unless we depart before that days breakfast is available), all itinerary activities listed (I) and of course your welcome package.
In short, no. For example, on our trips you’ll be responsible for the handling of your own luggage. On the flip side, we do stay in very nice city center hotels, eat incredible food, have great transfer accommodations, go to the nicest places in the city and are treated with the utmost respect at the establishments we visit.
We select only clean, comfortable, and centrally located hotels. Our hotels are in safe areas, provide great breakfasts and allow easy walkability and access to transportation for our transfers. We never stay in hostels or Airbnb’s.
There are two, same sex guests to a room on all of our trips.
Yes, unless you request or book otherwise.
Absolutely. Simply request it on your booking or send us an email with the request and we’ll confirm as soon as both parties have agreed. Requests can not be guaranteed unless made on original booking, so it’s best to inform us as soon as possible to ensure other arrangements have not been made.
Sure you can. There’s a single room supplement option available when you book. We’ll always suggestion rooming with someone since meeting new people is a huge benefit of this experience, although the option is there if you choose.
Yes, but please keep in mind, we are not in America and in some cases we’re visiting remote places of the world. In some cases, not often we can’t guarantee the quality of the WiFi. All of the hotels we use have WiFi and in almost all cases this is not a problem.
It’s best if you call your service provider to see what kind of plan they provide while traveling abroad. If you have an unlocked phone you can always purchase a local SIM card and save some money.
It will all depend on which trip you book with us. Don’t worry, those details will be included in our emails to you once you’ve booked.
Don’t worry, as we get closer we’ll give you a suggested amount of currency to bring to get you started on your trip. We’ll also give you suggestions on where to go and where not to go to exchange your money before the trip. You can always ask your travel host or hotel concierge for an ATM location during the trip.
In some cases, yes, you will need special electrical adaptors. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered, they’re in your welcome package. Now get to packing!!
Absolutely. Rest assured that your safety is of the utmost importance to us. We stay in the safest areas and hotels in the cities we visit.
Your travel host will be available throughout the entire trip and with the group for activities, meet ups and meals. That said, we do our best to provide our guests plenty of un-hosted free time to enjoy at their own pace.
In short, as much as you want! There are free days and plenty of free time throughout the day before and after activities to go off and do your own thing. Keep in mind, all activities, whether included or not are always optional so feel free to sit one out and sleep in or go explore.
Your host will always give suggestions for a free day or free time. In addition to your host and the hotel concierge, the group chat is also be a great resource with daily updates and keeping in touch with other travelers.
Why would you even read this…? Relax, you’re not getting lost. Lol. Upon arrival and throughout the trip, your travel host will go over the area and tips to ensure you know how to get back to the hotel.
In addition to the foreign language cheat sheet you’ll receive pre departure, our contacts abroad speak English and all of the activities and accommodations are pre arranged so there’s nothing to worry about. However, if learning the language is important to you, Duolingo is a great free app you can use to get started.
Great question! You’re going to have the time of your freaking life!! You’re gonna meet all sorts of incredible people, do things you’ve always dreamed of doing, eat some of the most mouth watering dishes there are, try the amazing new drinks, take the best pictures anyone has ever seen and come back a new and refreshed individual ready to own the world!!
On certain trips there are specified meals included but generally, the welcome dinner, farewell dinner and all breakfasts are the ones normally included in the travr package. If a meal is included it will be specifically marked (I – included) on the itinerary, otherwise it’s all you.
Of course we will do the best we can to accommodate in any way possible. Unfortunately, many of the places we visit have not caught up to the requirements of Vegans and other health conscious individuals, so in many cases we can not guarantee any special menus but will do our best to help depending on the location.
On certain trips there are some extra frothy beverages but in general, besides our complimentary beverage for our welcome and farewell dinner toasts, all alcoholic beverages are not included unless specifically marked (I – included) on the itinerary.
Most activities are included on the trips although, there are a number of optional activities which are marked (OC) on the itinerary that the guest will be responsible for if they choose to join in the activity.
No. Flights are never included in the travr packages, although we are available to help answer questions and give suggestions about your flight.
Whenever you want. You could book before or after you put your deposit down or wait a few weeks out. It’s up to you. Of course, we suggest booking sooner than later in order to get a good deal. Also, it’s said that Tuesday and Wednesdays are typically the best days to check for flights. There’s a link on our trips pages to check airfares.
Shoot us an email or give us a call and we’ll help out any way we can.
Depending on what the medication is you might want to check…. If you are bringing a prescription, we recommend bringing it in the prescription bottle and doctors phone number. Many countries, including Thailand DO NOT ALLOW Adderal, even with a prescription.
Pack Light! Depending on which trip you’re coming on you’ll be carrying your luggage over a wide range of obstacles, including cobblestones streets, up stairs, on and off trains, buses and possibly boats. You’ll receive more packing information and suggestions once booked.
You will. All guests are responsible for their own luggage at all times.
Although everyone is different you’ll receive a suggested packing list and approximate weather conditions in your series of emails which should help you plan accordingly. You can also take a list of the activities on the website itinerary to see what you’d be wearing for those types of actives.
After you book you’ll receive a series of emails with a payment link, documentation requests, and a variety of fun, useful information to get you all set up for the best time of your life. As we get closer, you’ll be added and introduced to the group chat that will keep you up to speed throughout the entire trip.
Your welcome package should arrive by mail 7 to 10 days before departure.
Sorry to say but beginning October 2022 we will no longer offer welcome packages on any of our trips.
Although the itineraries online have the exact activities we’ll be doing and are very accurate there will be a final activity sent out a few days before departure that will include the times of activities throughout the trip.
The airports and airport codes are on the trips page and also on your welcome email, although, don’t feel obligated to use that airport. If you want to fly into a different airport, feel free, the suggested airports are the closest to our hotels.
If you’d feel more comfortable flying over with a new friend, feel free to ask for or share flight info with others on the chat group. Sometimes our guests end up spotting others travr gear at the airpot on the way over, so be on the lookout.
In one of your final emails, you’ll receive detailed instructions from the airport to the hotel with suggestions, tips, multiple options and approximate prices for transportation from the airport to the hotel.
All of the trips start at the lobby of the first hotel in the first city. The exact meet up time will be disclosed in your email.
As we get closer you’ll receive the hotel names, addresses and the lobby meet up time designated for our pre welcome dinner meet and greet.
That’s great, we recommend coming in a little early to enjoy the day before we meet up. If you arrive before check in, feel free to leave your bags at the front desk and check out the area until we meet up. One of the pre trip messages will include food, activity and site suggestions to keep you busy until our welcome dinner.
Although this happens often and we have people arrive late and sometimes leave early, there is no discount provided. However, we will do our best to keep you well informed of where we’ll be and make arrangements so you can meet up with us on late arrivals. Same goes for early departures, or extended stays we’re here to help and give suggestions all day long.
We highly encourage our guests to do their own thing, even if that means sitting out one of our planned activities. Unfortunately, there are no refunds, partial refunds or discounts for unattended or activities.
Not often but sometimes activities can be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances or weather. Unfortunately, there are no refunds or partial refunds for cancelled or postponed activities.
The trip ends with a farewell dinner or meal (depending on the trip) in our final city. You’ll receive a message well before check out with details, tips and suggestions on how to get to the airport safe and sound.
Well, that would certainly suck, but our travel hosts confirm everyone gets home or to their next destination safely so if something happened help would be on the way.
This one really depends on the trip and can range from boat, plane, train, bus or mule. Just kidding, no mules.. lol. Just know that we take the best form of transportation from city to city whether it’s a high speed ferry, train or flight. Most of the itineraries online will have the form of transportation listed.
Get one or renew it!! It’s not hard. Follow this link for the complete process or feel free to reach out for help. (www.travr.life/blog)
It’s best to make sure your passport is valid at least 6 months from the date you return from your trip.
If you need a visa, shots or vaccines it will be in your welcome emails with detailed steps, in more than adequate time. At this time, none of the travr trips require a visa, shots or vaccines.
That’s completely up to you. We don’t suggest either way but if you really want the answer…. Yeah, get travel insurance. Why…? Because shit happens…
Put on your big boy or girl pants – you are literally about to have the greatest experience of your life!!
That’s the spirit!! 1. Pick out a trip! 2. Pay the deposit or pay in full 3. Book a flight at some point before the trip Sit back and relax, because from here on our you have nothing to worry about. You’ll receive a series of emails then a chat group that will provide all the information and answers you need before departure. Just show up to the hotel (hotel name, address and how to get there is in emails) and be ready for the time of your life.
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