What do you do if you lose your passport

If you’ve done a bit of traveling you know that the one worry you have during your entire trip is losing your passport…   Yes, it’s right up there with losing your phone and your money if not at the very top.  We have an incredible tip that will save you a lot of time and worry at what could be the worst time of your life.  Besides the tip you’re about to watch, the number one tip is relax….  Seriously, take it from me, I’ve been there and I was definitely worried but relax it’ll be fine and it’s a much less painful process than you might think.  Especially if you follow the tip.

#1 Step when you lose your passport.  Relax!  Take a deep breathe and don’t freak out…

#2.  Find the closest US Embassy using this website.

#3.  Keep in mind, most of them close at 5pm so haul ass if it’s close…  If it’s not, relax and get there the next day.  If it’s over the weekend, yeah, you guessed it, they’re closed….  Keep your travel plans and find the Embassy in the next city or relax, enjoy the weekend and go on Monday.

#4.  Watch the video.

Sorry if this is happening to you but hope these tips help.

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How to get a passport

Getting a new passport to travel or even renewing an old one can sound a bit overwhelming.   It sometimes prohibits even veteran travelers from getting on that trip of a lifetime an extra week, month, year or in some cases a lifetime…. Below you’ll find a detailed process and various options to get your passport within 24 hours or 4-6 weeks, whatever you need.


Government Website:

The cheapest way to get your passport and to be travel ready is directly on the government website

Follow the step by step process on the website and you should be good to go.  Below is the approximate cost.


$110 for a new passport

4-6 Week Delivery (standard)

2-3 Week Delivery (expedite $60)

8 Day Delivery (expedite $60 – *Must Visit Local Office)

$15 Approx Shipping Cost


For the fastest way to get your passport use RUSHMYPASSPORT.COM.   Why do I recommend this company?  Well, I personally had to order a replacement passport that I needed in 3 days to travel but all of the roads, shipping companies and basically everything including electricity was closed in almost all of Florida because of serious hurricanes (yes, plural, hurricanes…).  I have no idea how the hell they had this thing delivered but they did….  And it wasn’t me bothering them, they were calling me on the 2nd and third day to find out if I was ok, and if I was flooded out of my house, in case they needed to have it delivered somewhere else.  Like I said I have no idea how they did it but someone from a private shipping company knocked on my door, while Tampa was literally a ghost town with debris floating in the streets, people kayaking down Bayshore Blvd (our major road, the longest running sidewalk in American…Google it!) And said “here’s your passport”.  WTH, is what I was thinking…. But I was happy and am now their number 1 fan!

Ok, here’s the step by step.

  1. Log onto RUSHMYPASSPORT.COM – or Call 877 503 9839
  2. Select Passport Type (New Passport / Renewal / Etc)
  3. Fill in Date of Travel
  4. Select how quickly you need passport
    •  24 Hours / 1 Biz Day $449
    • Next Day / 2 Biz Days $349
    • Priority 3-5 Biz Days $259
    • Rush Service 6-9 Biz Days $199
    • Standard Service 10-12 Biz Days $129
    • Basic Service 15-18 Biz Days $89
  1. Complete Application
  2. Complete Shipping & Payment Options
  3. Pay RMP Fees with Credit Card
  4. Receive Email with Document List
    • Click Govt Site – Complete government application / Print out
    • Print proof of itinerary (Travr, other or Flight itinerary)
    • Get new picture (CVS / Walgreens / Drug store)
    • Get Money order or Check (not starter) for Government Fees $170
    • Surrender old passport (if renewal)

9. Call Case Manager to Confirm and get next step – 877 503 9839

    • Print letter of authorization
    • Print Fed Ex Shipping label
    • Visit Post Office or Court House to witness and seal documents

10. Ship package via Fed Ex

11. Get new passport in the mail – Go explore the world and have an amazing time!!


$99 10-12 Days (or select faster)

$48.91 Shipping

$170 passport

TOTAL $318.90

Use whichever you feel most comfortable with but either way, get off the couch and get it done!  There’s too much excitement, adventure and food to be eaten not to…?

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How to get your International drivers license

When traveling outside of the United States it’s usually ok to rent a car, motorcycle, vespa or ATV with your United States drivers license.  Having said that, Greece, amongst other countries has recently changed it’s laws and made it illegal for Americans and others, to rent quads, ATV’s, motorcycles and or vespas. 

If you’re already over there, you might be out of luck but if you don’t leave for a few days or weeks, we got you covered.  If you leave in a few days, just run up to your local AAA and ask for an international drivers license.  If you have a week or so, stay on your couch and order that bad boy online.  Just make sure you select B, and that goes for the walk ins as well.  

Ok, here’s your step by step process to getting your international drivers license.

1. Take a picture of yourself or have a friend do it.  White background, good lighting, no glasses or sunglasses…. Think DMV photo.  No goofy smiles or whatever just take it like your last drivers license pic, maybe even where the same shirt for good luck.

2.  Sign your name to a white piece of paper and take a photo of the signature in good lighting.  

3.  Take a photo of your current, VALID, drivers license.  

4.  Sign on to:  https://international-permit.com/en-us/idd/payment/paypal 

5.  Click “Apply” on top row 

6.  Complete information

7.  Upload your photo, signature and drivers license photo (you just took pics of these) as requested at the end of application.  

8.  Pay the fee

9.  Get your new international drivers license in the mail.

10. Go abroad and have an amazing time vespa’ing through the hills of Tuscany or ATV’ing throughout the Greek islands.  Be safe and don’t drink and drive, that’ pretty much why we need int licenses now…  And don’t stand up on your ATV in Greece, you’ll get a ticket or go to jail, no joke…   Lol.  But for real.

This message was brought to you by Travr, now get out there and live it to the fullest!! 

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Travel Tip – How to avoid losing your source of funds while traveling

Whether your a tour guide, traveling solo or with a group, there’s always a fear of losing your credit cards while traveling.  This is one thing that could really suck while traveling.  This is a great travel tip from Travr tour guide and founder, Clint Bertucci that will help you avoid having to deal with one of the worst travel situations there are.


Praguetoberfest Sample 1

When you talk to people about travel, some will tell you how great Prague is and all about the beer, the architecture, the food and of course, the Charles Bridge.  Then you’ll have some people tell you all about Munich Germany and pretty much all of the same but of course you’ve got Oktoberfest to take into consideration, which is a bucket list item of course.  Well we wanted to share a little video from our Praguetoberfest trip with you.  Whether you go on your own or come with us, they are two incredible places to see and experience and we highly recommend both of them!!  We’ve made the video below to give you a little sample of what it’s all about.


Where to stay in Cuba and Cuba Visa Information

Cuba is the newest destination to travel but the big questions are where to stay in Cuba and how to get a Cuba Visa

Here are a few suggestions and in Cuba I highly recommend staying at an AirB&B.   They are not only much cheaper, but they are also incredibly cleaner and a more cultural experience.  Highly recommend!

For the Cuba Visa, you can get one for  $50  through your Southwest Airline Flight, Southwest Cuba Visa Information & additional Visa Info.

Main Reasons for a Valid Cuba Visa Visit

  • Family Visit
  • Official business of he US Government
  • Journalistic Activities
  • Professional Research or meetings
  • Education activities and exchanges
  • Religious Activities
  • Public performances, clinics, workshops, athletic/other competitions or exhibitions
  • Humanitarian projects
  • *Support for the Cuban people
  • Activities of private foundations, research or educational institutes
  • Exportation, importation, or transmission of information or information material
  • Certain Authorized export transactions

It seems the safest route is supporting the Cuban people because let’s be honest, that’s pretty much what you’re most likely doing…

Now remember there are a number of items you can check off claiming the reasons you are there to to visit, ranging from Religion to a cultural experience. Whichever one you choose, be sure that when you enter back into your original country you do not slip up and say that you were there for vacation….

Travr Cuba Trip Coming Soon – More Travel Tips Coming Soon!

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Travel Tip – Best option for cellular and data while traveling abroad

Travel Tip:  

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I’m asked.  What is the best data and cellular option when traveling abroad in places like Europe and Asia.  The answer is simple.  Take a little extra time and go to the local cellular store, grab a chip and drop that guy in your phone.  This will save you lots of money but remember to make sure your phone is unlocked.

Top 15 Reasons to Visit Thailand

Top 15 Reasons to Visit Thailand

1. Relax on a Thai Beach  

Thailand has some of the worlds most beautiful beaches so enjoy them however you’d like.   Walk around, lay back, relax, snorkel, take some crazy group pics and maybe even get a five dollar thai massage while laying on the beach.

Maya Bay Thailand


2. Do some ATV Riding

Get your adrenaline pumping and get a little dirty with an ATV ride through the jungles of Thailand.

3. Bathe with Asian Elephants

An experience like this truly allows you to get up close and personal like no other experience on earth.  As many of you know, it’s very harmful to ride the elephants unless bareback, but bathing these gentle giants is an experience you can only dream of. 


4. Visit Maya Bay

You can literally go to the secret island featured in Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie, “The Beach”.  


5. Visit a Floating Market in Thailand

Sit back, relax and enjoy a nice afternoon down the floating markets of Thailand.

Floating Market Thailand

6. Party on Koh San Road

Eat scorpions, converse with lady-boys, and dance your face off in Bangkok’s notoriously wild party district.


7. Watch Live Thai Boxing

Grab a bucket of your favorite drink and get ready to see some excitement as two dudes or maybe even some girls go at it!!  Be careful, they’ll try to get you up there to whip some ass…

Thai Kickboxing


8. Do some Snorkeling while visiting Koh Phi Phi

Turquoise waters, beautiful reefs, and secret lagoons. What more do you need?

9. Tiger Petting

Continue your wild adventure with crazy animals and pet some Tigers, just make sure that the place you go does not use harmful tranquilizers and sedatives.  

Thailand Tiger Petting


10. Go Hiking in Krabi

Take some time to hike to all sorts of different view points and relax and take in the scenery.  Maybe even paint your face with some mud, if you’re with the right group!!

Thailand trip hiking


11. Get lost in Bangkok

Get lost in the modern architecture of the financial district, or get lost in the party area of Koh San Road, either way let loose and explore till your hears desire.  Obviously, be careful and use your head…

12. Try some crazy Asian Foods

 Thai Food

13. Visit Big Buddha Phuket

There are a few places known as Big Buddha but Big Buddha in Phuket is one for the books.  It has an absolutely breathtaking view, monkeys hanging around all over the place and a special place inside where you can sit back, relax, get blessed by a monk and take a few minutes to reflect on all of your Thailand travel experiences.

14. Visit Monkey Beach

Take a private long boat tour to one of the few places where you can pet, feed, play with, and hang out with wild monkeys in Thailand.


15. Enjoy a Beautiful Thailand Sunset

On a boat or on a beach, don’t forget to sit back, relax and enjoy a beautiful Thailand sunset with no worries in the entire world.

Thailand Sunset

The experiences you can and will have in Thailand are simply amazing!  We highly recommend a visit to anyone and everyone!!

Thailand Pics

Travr Thailand Trip

Top 8 Reasons Oktoberfest is Awesome


Oktoberfest is an annual celebration in Munich Germany, starting in September (nope, not October).  Many people think it’s just the worlds largest beer festival… which it is…  But there’s SO MUCH more….


1. The Tradition 

To start, it’s over 200 years old.  You know it’s gotta be pretty damn good right there!!  There’s so much history that lies behind the celebration of Oktoberfest.  For example, the festival dates all the back to 1810, when it first began as the celebration of the Royal wedding of Bavarian Crowne Prince Ludwig.  Today, the festivities commence only after the mayor of Munich taps the first keg and the first beer is given to the Minister-President of Bavaria followed of course by a gun salute signaling the beginning of the festival.   Kinda Cool, right!!

travr Tradition


2. The Festival Grounds 

Oktoberfest is held on 5 acres of land and is made up of so much more than just gigantic beer tents.  It is literally a wonderland filled with games, rides, food and music.  You’ll could see marching bands or huge Clydesdales walking through down the paths at any given moment.  You’ll see shows, contests, carousels, roller coasters and all sorts of games and rides you’ve never seen before.  It’s extremely exciting and kind of unbelievable to think of how you’ve never seen a ride like this before in your life…   And of course there’s lots of beer, and every kind of food you could possibly imagine.  Well actually, there’s stuff you’ve probably never imagined before but it is SO DELICIOUS!!  TRY EVERYTHING!!!



3. The Tents

Ok, this is crazy.  There are 14 enormous beer tents and 21 smaller tents beer tents throughout the festival and they are filled with tens of thousands of friendly, fun loving people gathered from all over the world.  Mostly all of them dressed in Lederhosen’s and Dirndl’s.  Now when I say tents, I don’t think you understand… We’re not talking a little firework tent here…   Each tent is an actual wooden building and many of them can hold in excess of 10,000 people.  Actually, they some of them seat over 10,000 people so there’s probably two or three times that many people.   They’re filled with tables to eat and dance on, and huge stages for live bands and they’re decorated with all of these crazy colors and fixtures that tie back to Bavarian History.  And, and, and…  Ok, I think you get it…   You have to see them to believe it…    They are so enormous that they begin assembling them 12 weeks before the start of Oktoberfest.



4. The People

One of the coolest things that I enjoy about Oktoberfest is how unbelievably friendly and welcoming the people are.   I swear, it is one of the friendliest places you’ll visit in your entire life.  You ever see how when a dog meets another dog and he sniffs his butt and they’re so curious and excited to see each other…?  Well it’s kinda like that, minus the whole butt sniffing thing…  Everyone is so happy to see all of these people from all of these different places from all over the world and they want to share their foods and their seats and they want to teach you their songs and just speak English with you and drink and dance to their German music.  It really is incredible.

4. People


5. Music & Dancing

When you enter a beer tent you’ll be smacked in the face with the sounds of a live band playing Oompah music.   Then when you look around, you’ll see huge crowds of people singing along with the German songs, dancing on tables and prosting their steins as they look into each others eyes (tradition to look into the eyes of fellow proster).  Sometimes they’ll even slip an American song in there!!  Worst case, you can just mumble until you catch a part you know and then yell it out loud like you know the words…  Or just wait for the Prost part and drink like a champ!  It doesn’t matter how you do it or who you’re doing it with.   You’re surrounded with thousands of people who do not judge and they’re there for the same thing you are, to have an amazing time drinking and eating.  So meet some new people, eat like a champ and prost like it’s your job!!



6. The Beer 

I’m sure some of you feel like this should be at the top of the list but whatever…  I definitely agree that the Beer is a great reason Oktoberfest is Awesome (please note capital A) and all Oktoberfest beer is brewed locally in Munich and made extra strong for the festival.  Since Munich has dozens of local breweries, beer gardens and beer halls, they tend to know a thing or two about what a nice frothy beverage should taste like.  Besides that, one of the best parts about drinking your beer filled stein is being able to prost in celebration of being at Oktoberfest!  If you feel really crazy, pop up on the top of a table, raise your stein and chug your stein.  Trust me, this is a HUGE bucket list moment you will not regret!!  You’ll have tens of thousands of people cheering you on.  I highly encourage you to try it, it’s quite a rush!!



7. The Food

Ok, seriously, the food is ridiculous!!  Not only can you order all sorts of food from your table inside the tents but vendors are literally lined up all along the sides of Oktoberfest, offering everything you can possibly imagine.  Ok, you want to hear a few…?  Brats are one of my favorites…!  Pork knuckles are a close second…  Then you’ve got Schweinebraten (roast port), Schweinshaxe (roasted ham hock), Steckerlfisch(grilled fish on a stick), Wurstl (sausage), Knodel (potato or flour dumplings), Kusspatzle (cheese noodles), Saurkraut, Obatzda (spiced cheese-butter spread) and of course delicious pretzels that are larger than your mug.  And by mug I mean your head.  Of course you can also hit the sweets, which I highly recommend.  Maybe some fried ice cream, fried cookie dough, fried every damn thing you can imagine.   Think of American fair foods on a cycle of steroids meant for the Hulk…



8. Outfits!!

Not gonna lie, this is probably my favorite…   If you don’t dress up or you think you’re too cool for school, just go home…   Seriously, pick out a great outfit, get into character and own that shit!!  There is nothing better than suiting up in your Dirndle or Lederhosen and letting everyone know you’re there to have one hell of a time!!  It’s a wise investment too.  Think about it, you can wear that bad boy every year for Oktoberfest parties at home…   And worse case you can use it as a backup Halloween costume if all else fails…   Get a good hat, hats are key fellas!!  And ladies, be sure to find a good combination of colors. Tradition says, for women, if you wear a bow on the right side of your dirndl you’re taken and if it’s on the left you’re single, so consider this fair warning ladies.  Get that bow placement right cause those Germans might come a knockin….!!



Oktoberfest is absolutely a bucket list item and I hope these 8 reasons help explain why….    These are definitely my favorites but feel free to let me know if you agree or what…  Either way, get your ass to Oktoberfest, it’s a freaking blast!!

7 Must See Things In Prague

For most travelers, the idea is to become more cultured and to familiarize themselves with the local customs, traditions, and history.  Sometimes it hard to figure out the best places to visit and what the must see spots are, so we’ve wrapped Prague up in a Top 7 to help you make the most of your time and experience.


1. Prague Castle

Make a visit to the largest castle in the world, which has inspired many Disney films and fairytales.  The Prague Castle was founded in 850 AD by the Premyslid Dynasty and was rebuilt during the first half of the 12th century into a real medieval castle, including stone palaces, churches, houses and golden castle roofs.  Surrounding the castle you will see beautiful gardens, the most famous of all is the Royal Garden which includes the singing fountain.  Today, the castle serves as the seat to the President while still conserving the historical and artistic features of the castle.



2. The Powder Tower

You will only be 186 steps away from not only getting an up-close view of the tower itself but you’ll get to experience one of the most beautiful views of the entire city.  Dating back to the 11th century, this tower was originally known as the New Tower and used to store gunpowder. Today, it is an exhibition with photos by Ladislav Sitensky.  Definitely worth checking out!



3. St. Vitus Cathedral

Since you’re visiting the Prague Castle you might as well make a trip to the St. Vitus Cathedral, the largest and most important temple in Prague. Located inside the castle, its construction began in 1344 but was not completed for another six centuries.  This structure is a true representation of the gothic architecture and guaranteed to leave you in awe.



4. The Old Town Square

Founded in the 10th century, this square had many uses ranging from demonstrations, weddings, executions, tournaments, and political meetings. The square is said to be where the true heart of Prague beats and you feel it as soon as you walk towards it.  You’ll find everything here, including various vendors selling meal, treats and everything in between.  You’ll also find cafes, pubs, shops, statues, interesting people watching, fire shows, live music and architecture that you can only imagine until you lay your eyes on it.



5. The Astronomical Clock

This magnificent work was constructed by Mikulas of Kadan and Catholic priest and scientist Jan Sindel in 1410.  It is located inside of old town square and stands as the oldest astronomical clock still operating today. Its main function was to depict the movement of celestial bodies showing the time was merely a secondary element, however today is serves as historic monument in Prague every person needs to visit at least once.  Think about a piece of work like this back in 1410…



6. The Charles Bridge

The bridge is the oldest and most beautiful bridge in all of the city and some say in all of Europe. Crossing the Vltava River and spanning 2,037 feet, you’ll find that the bridge is not just enchanting but also full of entertainment.  During the day, you’ll find everything from musicians, artists, mimes, vendors and beautiful golden statues of various saints and other relics.   The importance of The Charles Bridge is marked during 1648 when it halted the Swedes who were attempting to invade this part of Prague. It is said that during the construction of the bridge, locals brought eggs to mix the yolk with the stone in order to make the bridge stronger.



7. John Lennon Wall

This mural was created after the murder of John Lennon in 1980 and was used as a way to express freedom of speech, peace, and love by the non-violent rebellion of Czech’s youth against the regime, praising freedom that did not exist here during this time. The historic movement continues today by allowing visitors to express themselves on the wall with their own personal additions.


Prague really is one of those places where you truly feel like you’ve managed to go back in time and definitely worth a visit.  There are so many things to do and see in Prague but we hope these will get you off to a good start.

Praguetoberfest Trip